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30mW SMDRecent improvements in UVB and UVC LEDs from Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) have led to increased optical power and longer LED life.


SETi has led the pack in Deep UV LEDs (LEDs operating in the UVB and UVC range) since it launched its first product in 2004 and has remained world leaders with the highest performance products and broadest wavelength coverage.

Once again, SETi defines itself as market leaders by increasing lifetime of its standard SMD products to >10,000 hours and offering a guaranteed minimum of 10,000 operational hours to a level of L50, provided the LEDs are operated within the specified guidelines.


As with all LEDs, UV LED power output decreases over time and an L50 lifetime specification refers to the time when the optical output power has reached 50% of its initial value. This lifetime guarantee applies to all SMD products operating at 275nm, 285nm, 295nm and 310nm and includes the large area 10mW 275nm product.

Emmanuel Lakios, President and CEO of SETi commented “we have been realigning our SMD pricing and now with a guaranteed lifetime of greater than 10,000 hours, our surface mount LEDs have become a cost effective solution for UVB and UVC needs from industrial to consumer applications”.

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