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Contact AP Technologies

Thank you for your interest in AP Technologies. To get in touch simply complete this form with details of your application and product interest.


We occasionally send "broadcast" emails and require your "opt-in" to continue sending this information. We typically send no more than 6 per year and categorise different areas of interest:-


News & Events: New suppliers, product releases and forthcoming exhibitions.


Silicon Detectors: Silicon photodiodes sensitive to electrons/x-ray, XUV, UV, Visible & NIR; Silicon Photomultipliers; detector electronics such as multi-channel preamplifiers & DAQs.


MIR Detectors & Emitters: Lead-Sulphide (PbS, 1-3.1µm) & Lead-Selenide (PbSe, 1-5µm) detectors; steady-state and pulsable thermal IR emitters (blackbody sources).


LEDs & Laser Diodes: UVC to NIR LEDs & LED-based solutions; visible and NIR singlemode/multimode laser diodes, modules and systems.


Spectrometers: Silicon & InGaAs sensor Czerny-Turner spectrometers from 180-1700nm; ultra-compact MEMS-based spectrometers for 200-900nm & broadband light sources.


Liquid Crystal Components: Fast Optical Shutters, Fast Polarisation Modulators/Variable Polarisation Rotators and variable Neutral Density Filters.


Fibreoptics: Lasers, LEDs, detectors & components for fibreoptics; ASE sources, EDFAs etc.


Please take a few seconds to confirm that you are okay for us to contact you in the future by providing your name, company and email and checking the relevant boxes to confirm your areas of interest. You may also OPT-OUT of future contact.


Once you’ve completed the form simply enter the CAPTCHA text and click Next. You will receive an email confirming your selection.


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Address: The Coach House
Watery Lane
Telephone: (0)1225 780400
Fax: (0)8701 266449
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet us at


14th June 2018, University of Edinburgh

Photonex logo

10th/11th Oct. 2018, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Electronics Design Show logo long

17th/18th Oct. 2018, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

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