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Hot News

OtO Photonics' new HummingBird (HB) series are crossed-cavity Czerny-Turner spectrometers operating from 180nm to 1100nm.   HummingBird offers the performance benefits of classic C-T cavity designs in a significantly reduced package of just 83 x 75.5 x 26.75mm³ (<168cm³), dramatically smaller than OtO's own SmartEngine C-T spectrometer (~360cm³) which is itself considered to be a compact design.   Despite its compact form-factor HummingBird sacrifices none of the performance of OtO's highest selling SmartEngine spectrometers and offers high optical resolution, high sensitivity,...
We are pleased to announce that AP Technologies has been appointed UK and Ireland distributor for OtO Photonics' full range of spectrometers, light sources, spectral measurement system, accessories and SpectraSmart software.   OtO Photonics was founded as “OtO Science” in 2006 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan with the objective of leveraging Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) micro grating technology to develop compact spectrometers. Renamed OtO Photonics in 2010 the company now provides a range of classic Czerny-Turner cavity spectrometers alongside unique microspectrometers based on...
Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, introduces the NXIR-5C, a red to near-infrared (NIR) enhanced photodiode with a 5mm² circular active area.   With a spectral response from 320nm to 1100nm the new NXIR-5C SMD photodiode joins Opto Diode's popular NXIR family of near-infrared optimised silicon detectors and provides superior responsivity of 0.62A/W @ 850nm and 0.35A/W at 1064nm with an AR-coated window that provides greater than 98% transmission.   The NXIR-5C has low dark current at 1nA; low capacitance of 5pF at 10V  and a high shunt resistance of greater than...
Recent improvements in UVB and UVC LEDs from Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) have led to increased optical power and longer LED life.   SETi has led the pack in Deep UV LEDs (LEDs operating in the UVB and UVC range) since it launched its first product in 2004 and has remained world leaders with the highest performance products and broadest wavelength coverage. Once again, SETi defines itself as market leaders by increasing lifetime of its standard SMD products to >10,000 hours and offering a guaranteed minimum of 10,000 operational hours to a level of L50,...
Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, has introduced and range of silicon photodiodes designed specifically for back-facet laser-monitoring applications that require improved performance in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum from 700 nm to 1100 nm.   ODC's NXIR-family expands the company’s popular high performance SXUV and UVG photodiode series designed to maximize measurement repeatability and reliability in high-powered UV laser-monitoring systems with affordable products optimized for near-infrared wavebands.   The NXIR-RF36 and NXIR-RF70 near-IR / red-enhanced models offer reduced...
AP Technologies is pleased to announce the international release of LC-Tec Display's liquid crystal based variable Neutral Density filter technology.   LCT's PolarView®-ND(212)-AR replaces multiple filters with a single device which can be switched between F2 and F12 and is designed for flat spectral response and low angular dependence. As a result PolarView®-ND(212) offers uniquely uniform angular transmittance properties together with small color shift and is ideal for professional still and movie cameras as well as many commercial and industrial applications. The optical density of the...
AP Technologies has taken on the distribution of the CalSensors brand of lead-salt detectors and thermal IR emitters. CalSensors, an ITW company originally based on Santa Rosa, CA, was merged with sister-company Opto Diode in 2014. Production of the CalSensors photoconductive Lead Sulphide (PbS) and Lead Selenide (PbSe) detectors along with their steady-state and pulsable thermal IR emitters has been moved to ODC's new 50,000 square feet state-of-the-art wafer fabrication and packaging facility in Camarillo, CA. Cal Sensors SCD-13 and SCD-15 IR detectors are manufactured via well...
  AP Technologies is pleased to announce they have become a corporate supporter of Bath’s Royal United Hospitals (RUH) and are helping to transform cancer services in the Bath area.   The RUH’s Forever FriendsTM Appeal “Brick Wall Club” is a unique scheme open only to the first 25 companies that join as members. APT joins world-renowned organisations such as Rolls-Royce and BuroHappold Engineering as well as other local and national companies with connections to the RUH.   The Forever FriendsTM Appeal is the charity for the Royal United Hospitals Bath and funds...

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