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  • Multimode fibre-coupled laser diode
  • High heat load fibre-coupled laser diode
  • Compact single frequency visible laser diode module
  • TO-style package laser diodes
  • Green laser beam
  • 14-pin butterfly package DFB
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Three TO 56QD Laser offer a range of high slope efficiency singlemode Fabry-Perot laser diodes at 640nm, 660nm, 685nm, 785nm, 830nm and 940nm.


The laser diodes are mounted in a TO-56 package with monitor photodiode and are supplied in both Common-Anode and Common-Cathode configurations.


All of these laser diodes employ QDL's unique front facet "window structure" giving excellent resistance to Catastrophic Optical Damage (known as COD or COMD) due to backreflections. QDL's technology also means that sudden, unexpected failure as the COD level reduces with diode aging is not an issue since the COD level remains well above the rated power.


These laser diodes are ideal for many applications including alignment markers, particle counting, and sensing.


Adobe icon Overview of 640nm to 905nm FP lasers


Wavelength Power

Adobe icon

QLF063x-4030T50 640nm 30mW @ 50°C

Adobe icon

QLF063A-4080T30 640nm 80mW @ 30°C
Adobe icon QLF063M-50B0 650nm 220mW

Adobe icon

QLF063x-6050T70 660nm 50mW @ 70°C

Adobe icon

QLF063x-AA 660nm 50mW
Adobe icon QLF063x 660nm 100mW

Adobe icon

QLF063x-P120 660nm 120mW
Adobe icon QLF063x-85A0 685nm 100mW

Adobe icon

QLF073x 785nm 100mW
PDF icon QLF083x 830nm 210mW
PDF icon QLD093x-0540 905nm 40mW
PDF icon QLF093x-05A0 905nm 100mW


Please contact APT for further information on current and future QD Laser products.