Cal Sensors was founded in 1986 in Santa Rosa, northern California, and is the leading manufacturer of standard and customised photoconductive lead selenide (PbSe) and lead sulfide (PbS) infrared detectors, infrared arrays, and infrared emitters.


Cal Sensors SCD-13 and SCD-15 IR detectors are manufactured via well established and superbly controlled processes, and because of their proven performance, have become the infrared detectors of choice for most system manufacturers worldwide.The detectors are sensitive in the 1-5.5 micron wavelength region and are used in a wide range of applications:-


  • Medical & Environmental Gas Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
  • IR Spectroscopy
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Flame & Spark Detection & Combustion Control
  • Non-Contact Temperature Ssensors
  • Moisture Analysis
  • Measurement of coatings and oil films


The detectors are offered in standard or custom packages in single element, multi-color, and array configurations. Options include spectral filters, thermoelectric coolers, and temperature sensors.


Cal Sensors also developed a range of thermal steady-state and pulsable infrared emitters which are offered in TO-8 and TO-5 packages.


In 2007 Cal Sensors joined the Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW) family of over 875 independent, dynamic and focused divisions.


In 2014 the Cal Sensors product range was merged with ITW sister-company Opto Diode Coporation - moving to ODC's new 50,000 square feet state-of-the-art wafer fabrication and packaging facility in Camarillo, north of Los Angeles. All manufacturing operations are performed in class 1000 to 10,000 clean rooms for wafer fabrication to assembly and test.


The merger of ODC and CalSensors creates a coherent and complimentary product line of detectors and emitters covering the electromagnetic spectrum from the extreme ultraviolet and x-ray regions to the mid-IR. The Cal Sensors’ products will continue as a brand of infrared detectors and emitters in the Opto Diode portfolio of products.


Opto Diode will continue to offer a broad range of standard and custom IR solutions, offering extensive electro-optical design capabilities and manufacturing depth to support prototyping to high volume manufacturing.

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