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Based in Meiningen, Germany, Fibotec offer a range of fibreoptic instruments, laser diodes and laser diode systems:


  • Broadband ASE Sources
  • Single Frequency Laser Diode Sources
  • Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers
  • Pulsed Fibre Amplifier MOPAs
  • Fibre Fault Locators
  • High power multimode fibre-coupled laser diode systems with high speed drive electronics
  • External Cavity 1529-1560nm Laser Diodes


In addition a wide range of fibre-handling, control and drive electronics, mechanical design and subcontract manufacture of specialised fibreoptic systems make Fibotec the ideal partner for outsourcing design and manufacture of fibreoptic equipment.


For further information please visit the Fibreoptic Instruments and Laser Diodes sections of our website.


Quick Links: Fibreoptic Instruments

Quick Links: Laser Diodes

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UK and Ireland Representatives for:

  • Adaptive
  • FiboTEC ftr 150x60
  • Ketek
  • LC-Tec
  • Opto Diode
  • OtO Photonics
  • QD Laser
  • RPMC ftr 150x60
  • SETi
  • Vertilon