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HummingBird 200pxOtO Photonics' new HummingBird (HB) series are crossed-cavity Czerny-Turner spectrometers operating from 180nm to 1100nm.


HummingBird offers the performance benefits of classic C-T cavity designs in a significantly reduced package of just 83 x 75.5 x 26.75mm³ (<168cm³), dramatically smaller than OtO's own SmartEngine C-T spectrometer (~360cm³) which is itself considered to be a compact design.


Despite its compact form-factor HummingBird sacrifices none of the performance of OtO's highest selling SmartEngine spectrometers and offers high optical resolution, high sensitivity, low stray light, and fast response. HummingBird benefits from an especially rigid optical bench which ensures industry-leading thermal, humidity, shock and vibration stability.


Hummingbird is initially offered with a choice of two high performance 2048-pixel sensors and it is expected that the range will increase with additional sensors becoming available.


OtO have designed HummingBird to take advantage of the wide range of slit and grating choices developed for their SmartEngine spectrometers enabling optimisation of spectral bandwidth, resolution and sensitivity. Resolutions from as little as 0.2nm FWHM can be achieved over 100nm whilst resolution of 1.5nm is achieved over the full 180-1100nm (920nm) operating range.


Communication with HB-Series spectrometers is via high speed (480Mbps) USB2.0 or 6 user-programmable digital I/Os.


The inclusion of OtO's SpectraSmart software ensures that HummingBird can be up-and-running within minutes whilst the availability of a Software Developer Kit for Windows and example code for Linux facilitates integration into a broad range of industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and environmental applications.


Please use these links for more information on HummingBirdOtO Photonics or their full range of Spectrometers, Light Sources & Spectral Measurement Software or contact APT to discuss your application.