SpectraSmart is OtO Photonics' spectral measurement software developed to interface with their range of compact Czerny-Turner (SmartEngine, EagleEye, SideWinder & DualSpectrometer) and proprietary MEMS-based UltraMicro spectrometers including those with the AirAlliance WiFi interface. SpectraSmart can also be used to control OtO's light sources as standalone units or in conjunction with their spectrometers, for example as part of the PGK Spectral Measurement Kit.


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SpectraSmart offers users of OtO's spectrometers and light sources a powerful interface capable of performing a wide range of measurements - spectrum, absorbance, transmission, reflectance, light source and concentration. Results are displayed in a variety user-configurable screen configurations and includes colorimetry information: CIE1931 (including Correlated Colour Temperature); CIE1976 and TM30-15 (Rf/RG & Colour Vector Graphic).


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SpectraSmart is available for download by all Windows users with a Linux version currently in development.



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