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We’ve supplied our customers with laser diodes for many years and are always looking to see how we can increase the range of products we offer. We’ve recently started working with a fourth supplier, the Italian company Lyocon, specialists in medical and industrial laser diode subsystems and systems.


Whatever your wavelength, output or configuration requirements, APT has a solution


Working with four leading manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA, we believe we are uniquely placed to fulfil your requirements. We can likely provide a COTs product but if not, we can work with our suppliers to offer a custom solution.


So, whether you’re looking for a component, a module or a complete system, at whatever wavelength, output power or configuration, or volume, you should contact us to discuss your application and requirements.


Our range covers high power, single and multimode lasers, including quantum dot distributed feedback (DFB) and Fabry Perot lasers.


High-performance semiconductor lasers diodes can be used for many applications. Just some of these include, in life sciences fluorescence and flow cytometry; or in industry, sensing, computer-to-plate, lidar, seed laser for high power systems, silicon photonics, particle counting, micromachining.


Depending on the application and wavelength, we can offer:


  • Continuous wave, direct -modulation or picosecond-pulse gain-switched
  • Heatsink-free performance at extreme temperatures
  • Open-heatsink or hermetic package
  • Fibre-coupled or free-space
  • Arrays and multi diode stacks


High Power Systems

Zephyrus Blue LD System

We offer a range of free space and fibre-coupled laser diode modules and systems for applications such as illumination; marking; welding/soldering; heat treatment and thermal activation; hair removal; surgical and dental, computer-to-plate and many more.


  • Fast modulation of ultra high-power fibre-coupled laser diodes
  • Products can be built into a packaged assembly, or with driver electronics into a complete turnkey subsystem
  • Visible and infrared wavelengths




Fibre-coupled high heat load package

Multimode laser diodes feature broad area emitters giving high optical power and a relatively wide spectrum. Suitable applications include direct material processing, marking, welding, Raman spectroscopy, dental and medical. Our product range are available as both single emitters or diode arrays, have ast axis collimator/beam circularisation optics and come in either free space or fibre-coupled configurations: 


  • The broadest wavelength range of any laser diode manufacturer, from 445-1850nm including multi-wavelength
  • Open heatsink chip on submount versions
  • Wide choice of hermetic window and fibre-coupled packages
  • Thermoelectric cooler and monitor photodiode options



7 pin RF DSSinglemode lasers offer superior beam quality at comparatively lower power than multimode lasers. They are ideal for high-speed applications as well as those requiring narrow spectral width and small diffraction-limited spot sizes. With such high performance, singlemode lasers are ideal for many applications, such as fibre-laser pumping, microscopy, spectroscopy, and precision metrology.


  • 532nm, 561nm and 594nm high performance DFB-SOA lasers
  • 640-940nm high power Fabry-Perot lasers
  • 1020nm-1310nm Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers
  • CW, direct modulation and picosecond pulse gain-switched operation
  • Our Quantum Dot technology can be operated without cooling at up to 200°C



DFB and Fabry-Perot Quantum Dot Lasers 

Three TO 56A quantum dot laser is a semiconductor laser that amplifies and oscillates light using semiconductor quantum dots with a diameter of about 10 nm. As applications for silicon photonics increase, they are starting to play a critical role in the effective commercialisation of this technology.


With the properties listed below, quantum dot lasers are ideal for integration into the most demanding system, for deployment in harsh industrial environments:


  • Operating from 40-120°C without current adjustment and without compromise of power output compared to conventional laser sources
  • Operating at ultra-high temperatures of 200°C or higher
  • Are highly reliable and having a long product lifetime
  • Introduce laser light into the silicon photonics chips with low noise.



If you’d like to discuss your laser diode application needs, contact Martin at AP Technologies