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TO 56 250x215 Wafer

QD Laser have introduced the QLF063x-85A0 series high power deep red laser diodes with a typical wavelength of 685nm at 100mW (25°C).


The QLF063x-85A0 series are based on QD Laser's high reliability Quantum Well structure and offer high efficiency operation with a typical drive current of 125mA (2.35V) and Slope Efficiency of 1.17W/A (5mW-100mW).


Farfield beam divergence is 9° (horizontal) and 14° (vertical) FWHM with beam steer of ±3°.


These laser diodes use industry-standard TO-56 packages with a flat window and internal Monitor Photodiode and are available in Common-Anode and Common-Cathode configurations.


Product Availability


Sample quantities of the QLF063x-85A0 series are available for testing.


PDF icon QLF063x-Series data sheet


For further information on QDL's full range of singlemode laser diodes please go to the webpage or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


About QD Laser


QD Laser, Inc., launched in 2006 as a pioneer of the quantum dot laser technology, is now a leading provider of novel semiconductor laser solutions for Telecom/Datacom, optical interconnect, consumer electronics, industrial use and medical equipment.


QD Laser, Inc., has succeeded in the world first mass production of temperature-insensitive quantum dot lasers with the accumulated shipment of more than 2.5 million units. The company also invented a series of such original products as short-pulse DFB lasers for micromachining, the world’s first current injection diode lasers of green, yellow green and orange in the ‘Green Gap’, quantum-dot laser arrays for silicon optical circuits, broadband gain chips for OCT (optical coherence tomography) and retinal imaging laser eyewear.


The importance of laser technology is increasingly growing to connect people and things with cyberspace at anytime and anyplace in this “Hyper Connected World”. In the area of high-capacity information processing, the quantum dot lasers with low noise and temperature robustness are to work as standard light sources of optical interconnect between LSI chips. As wearable devices, retinal imaging laser eyewear is expected to spread worldwide from low vision aids, workplace support to smart glasses with superior characteristics of focus free and universal design.


QD Laser, Inc. continues to grow as the state-of-the-art semiconductor laser company to create new market. We strongly hope to contribute to the development of customer business by providing our original and highly reliable products.