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OD-280-003Opto Diode Corporation have introduced lensed versions of their 265nm and 280nm UVC LEDs.


The new OD-265-003 and OD-280-003 LEDs feature industry-leading chip technology enabling high optical powers of 0.58mW (265nm) and 0.75mW (280nm) at 20mA drive current.


Packaged in industry-standard TO-46 format with a lensed cap both devices offer a narrow beam angle of just 9° FWHM.


Both LEDs incorporate a protection diode to eliminate the risk of damage due to reverse bias.


Opto Diode claim industry-leading reliability with an "L70" (degradation to 70% of initial output) of greater than 1000 hours when operated at 20mA DC in an ambient of 23°C.


adobe pdf icon OD-265-003 data sheet
adobe pdf icon OD-280-003 data sheet


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