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A number of OtO Photonics' spectrometers have been optimised for NIR applications.


SideWinder Series

SW LogoSideWinder series spectrometers are specifically designed for NIR detection from 900nm to 2500nm with a choice of 128, 256 and 516 pixel linear InGaAs sensors with options for one- and two-stage TE-cooled sensors as well as shutters.


SideWinder spectrometers are compact Czerny-Turner designs measuring just 110x86x32.4mm³ yet achieve resolution of 2.1nm FWHM with wavelength accuracy of <1nm.


High-performance 32bit RISC microcontrollers, along with the company's exclusive DTE (Dynamic Thermal Equilibrium) technology and stray light elimination technology (Stray Light Calibration Algorithm) ensure accuracy, speed and stability at very attractive pricing.


adobe pdf icon SideWinder Series Product Brief
adobe pdf icon SideWinder Series Data Sheet



RS Back TX

RedSparrow Series

The RedSparrow-1680 (RS1680) is OtO's NIR MEMS grating-collimator microspectrometer featuring a 128-pixel NIR InGaAs sensor for operation from 950nm to 1700nm with a FWHM Resolution of 8-13nm.


The RS1680 is incredibly compact at just 40x40x18mm³ (<30cm³), including the removable external control board, and yet the rigid metal package and optical bench provide excellent thermal, humidity and shock/vibration stability performance.


adobe pdf icon RedSparrow 1680 Data Sheet


SE Logo


The compact SE-2050 offers the best SNR in the 790-1010nm range using a linear CCD type sensor (Sony, Hamamatsu, Toshiba) and high performance 32-bit RISC controller.


SE Series spectrometers are based on a Czerny-Turner optical design and provide high optical resolution, high sensitivity, low stray light, and fast spectral response. The optical bench offers excellent rigidity and stability with outstanding resolution and wavelength shift performance.


adobe pdf icon SmartEngine Series Product Brief
adobe pdf icon SmartEngine Series Data Sheet


EE Logo

EagleEye Series

EagleEye-051 (EE2051) is specially designed for NIR and Raman applications with sensitivity from 790-1010nm using a TEC-cooled NIR-enhanced back-thinned sensor, Czerny-Turner cavity and high performance 32bits RISC controller which provide accurate measurement with highly stable temperature control.


The EE2051 can achieve full 180-1100nm operation when used in a long time mode.


adobe pdf icon EagleEye Series Product Brief
adobe pdf icon EagleEye Series Data Sheet


For more information and to discuss your application please Contact Us.