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A number of OtO Photonics' spectrometers have been designed for deep UV to near IR applications.


SE Logo


The compact SE2020 is OtO's best-selling C-T spectrometer and uses a UV Enhanced CCD with 2MHz readout rate and SNR of 250 making it the ideal choice for full spectrum operation from 180nm to 1100nm.


The SE2020 is offered with a range of slit sizes from 10µm (achieving 0.2nm resolution) up to 300µm (9.9µm resolution) with adjustable exposure times from 1ms to 65ms and a Dynamic Range of 1300. OtO's "Dynamic Thermal Equilibrium" (DTE) technology ensures excellent thermal stability from 0.007nm/°C to 0.027nm/°C while the rigid C-T design provides humidity, anti-vibration and anti-shock performance.



The SE2060 uses a back-thinned CCD with 0.5MHz readout rate and achieves an SNR of 500 with integration times of 5ms to 65ms. The SE2060 is also suitable for full range 180nm to 1100nm operation offering all of the advantages of the SE2020 but with the added benefit of the 500 SNR.


adobe pdf icon SmartEngine product brief
adobe pdf icon SmartEngine data sheet


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The EE2061 is specially designed for UV to NIR applications with sensitivity from 180-1020nm using a TE-cooled UV-enhanced back-thinned sensor, unfolded Czerny-Turner cavity and high performance 32bit RISC controller to achieve SNR of 500 and Dynamic Range of 5000. The EE2061 can be supplied with a range of slit sizes (10µm to 300µm) and grating groove densities (300-2400/mm) achieving resolutions of 0.2nm to 10.5nm with spectral bandwidth of 100nm to 920nm. OtO's stray light algorithms achieve <0.01% after calibration.


EagleEye's compact and rigid optical bench provides a very stable measurement system with outstanding thermal stability of <0.04nm/°C and excellent humidity, shock and vibration characteristics.


adobe pdf icon EagleEye product brief
adobe pdf icon EagleEye data sheet


UM2280 hand

Advanced UltraMicro-080

OtO's ultra-compact AM1280 and sensitivity-enhanced AM2280 microspectrometers are the world's smallest wide band spectrometers measuring just 41.72mm x 44.00mm x 8.96mm (~16.5cm²) and yet can be configured to cover the ranges 200-900nm or 330-900nm. Standard slit sizes are 25µm or 40µm giving resolution of 5.5-10nm with an SNR of 150, adjustable exposure times from 1ms to 65ms and 2MHz sensor readout rate.


The AM1280/AM2280 interface via an external control board (CB-56M2) with 32bit RISC core and 16bit ADC using the USB interface and OtO's SpectraSmart software.


adobe pdf icon UltraMicro Series product brief
adobe pdf icon Control Board data sheet


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