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QD Laser, Inc. was launched by Fujitsu and Mitsui Ventures, to commercialise semiconductor lasers and amplifiers using Quantum Dot and Quantum Well structures.


Quantum Dots, from which the new venture takes its name, are semiconductor particles that are a few to tens of nanometres in size. Quantum dot technologies were developed through an academic-industrial research collaboration by Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Laboratories, and Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa's laboratory at the University of Tokyo, supported by a grant from NEDO Japan.


Quantum dot lasers are truly revolutionary lasers which deliver significant performance over conventional semiconductor lasers in temperature stability, low power consumption, long-distance transmission, and high speed. A particular focus of QDL's Quantum Dot laser developments is a range of high temperature 1300nm laser diodes capable of continuous operation at up to 200°C ambient temperatures without any additional cooling - these devices are particularly suited to industrial sensing and communication applications including down borehole and equipment monitoring in the oil and gas industry.


QDL's Quantum Well laser products encompass Fabry-Perot diodes in the 640nm to 905nm range with outputs of up to 120mW and operating temperatures of up to 70°C. These devices are offered in TO-56 packages with integrated monitor photodiodes in both common-Anode and common-Cathode configurations.


QD Laser also offer a range of Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diodes from 1030nm to 1180nm (Quantum Well) and a 1240nm Quantum Dot DFB device. These lasers offer users extremely tight wavelength control by virtue of their precise e-beam grating structures and are suitable for operation in gain-switched modes with pulse lengths from 30ps to 1000ps and can also be directly modulated for pulse lengths in the 1-20ns regime. The lasers are offered in a variety of packages including 14-pin Butterfly with integrated TEC, thermistor, monitor photodiode, isolator and polarisation maintaining fibre pigtail. They are ideally suited for use as seeds in fibre laser products.


QDL also offer a combined DFB/SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifier) laser in 14-pin Butterfly package which is rated at 100mW CW.


QDL's Compact Visible Laser Modules (CVLMs) combine an NIR DFB/SOA device with Waveguide Periodically-Poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) frequency doubling to produce up to 50mW CW at 532nm, 561nm and 594nm in an extremely compact (<4x6x22mm) package. These lasers exhibit extremely fast stabilisation times (effectively zero) along with excellent stability in CW mode and can be modulated at up to 100MHz with extinction ratios of up to 40dB.


QDL's Product & Service portfolio covers their full range of laser diode products. For more information please visit the Laser Diodes section of our website.


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