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Opto Diode Corporation in Camarillo, California was established in 1981 as an independent, privately held company with the mission to supply the world’s highest power infrared LEDs.


In August 2008 ODC became part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) group of companies and in 2010 acquired International Radiation Detectors, the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme UV and direct-electron silicon detectors with responsivity down to less than 1nm.


In 2014 the lead salt detector and thermal emitter products of ITW sister-company Cal Sensors were merged with ODC - moving from Santa Rosa to ODC's new 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art wafer fabrication and packaging facility.


ODC’s product range can be split into three key areas:


Light Emitting Diodes: ODC supply a wide range of standard and customer-specific LED solutions from 355nm through to ~2000nm. Many devices use industry-standard TO-style metal packages with a variety of wide-, medium– and narrow-beam outputs but ODC also develop bespoke single– and multi-chip packages to meet demanding customer needs.


Silicon Photodiodes: ODC have invested heavily in clean room and wafer fabrication facilities and offer standard silicon photodiodes from 1mm² to 42mm² in Visible and NIR-enhanced versions. They also have standard detector/preamplifier hybrids which combine 5mm² or 6mm² active area silicon detectors with high performance transimpedance amplifiers in a range of gain/bandwidth configurations. ODC's "IRD" range of silicon photodiodes is sensitive down to sub-nanometre wavelengths for direct electron and soft x-ray detection and is offered in high sensitivity (AXUV-series); high dose (SXUV-series) and 140nm cut-off (UVG-series).


IR Detectors & Emitters: The "CalSensors" range of lead sulphide (PbS) and lead Selenide (PbSe) detectors are sensitive from 1-3.1µm and 1-5.5µm respectively and are offered in a range of active areas in uncooled packages and as 1-stage and 2-stage thermoelectrically cooled versions. ODC also supply linear and quadrant detectors which can also be cooled with options for integrated optical filters and electronics. The "CalSource" thermal emitters  are low cost, high reliability pulsable and steady-state emitters specifically designed for use with infrared detectors.


A large proportion of ODC’s business is derived from customised versions of their products—please contact APT to discuss your requirements if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


For further information please visit the Light Emitting DiodesSilicon Photodiodes and IR Detectors & Emitters sections of our website.


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