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AwardsGroup smOtO Photonics was founded as “OtO Science” in 2006 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan with the objective of leveraging Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) micro grating technology to develop compact spectrometers.

Renamed OtO Photonics in 2010 the company now provides a range of classic Czerny-Turner cavity spectrometers alongside unique microspectrometers based on their innovative semiconductor grating chip technology.


OtO's "non-spherical, mass-producible" grating replaces the "collimator-plane grating-focusing mirror" optical structure used in C-T spectrometers and combines grating and focusing functions into one micro-sized component. The microchip concave grating technology leverages patented algorithms to calculate curvature and ray-tracing to eliminate aberrations and achieve high resolution of 2nm.

When combined with OtO’s high-precision optomechanical designs and proprietary "SpectraSmart" software the MEMS grating technology enables microspectrometers which push the performance envelope to deliver the benefits of high accuracy, ultra-compactness, shock resistance, weather resistance and low cost.


OtO spectrometers cover the spectrum from 180nm to 1700nm with CCD, CMOS, back-thinned, cooled back-thinned and linear InGaAs arrays from manufacturers such as Toshiba, Sony and Hamamatsu.


As inspection is needed in almost all industries, OtO believe that the dawn of microspectrometers will drive the development of spectral analysis components and relevant electro-optical sectors. A wide range of standard configurations of detector, grating pitch and slit size are offered to suit common applications:-


  • Electro-optical inspection – i.e. LED testing, solar panel & thin film measurement
  • Colour matching & management
  • Environmental monitoring – i.e. water- and air-quality control
  • Biomedical measurement – Blood & DNA analysis


It is also possible to define detector, resolution and bandwidth for specific applications.


All OtO microspectrometers can be supplied with WiFi connectivity and OtO’s unique “stray light calibration” process optimises the performance of standard low cost spectrometers to achieve stray light levels as low as 0.01% - better than models costing $30,000 and upwards.


For further information on OtO's products please use the Quick Links on the right hand side of this page. 

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