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X FOS 1LC-Tec Displays, based in Borlänge, Sweden have more than 20 years experience developing and manufacturing optical components based on liquid crystal (LC) technology and offer a product range including fast optical shutter (FOS), fast polarisation modulator (FPM) devices as well as variable/switchable optical Filters.


LC-Tec's premises in Borlänge house advanced electro-optical laboratories and a modern production facility which is augmented by very high volume manufacturing capacity in China.


LCT's mission is to provide LC-based products and related services that meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer. Their long experience and expertise means they are positioned to design, manufacture and distribute custom-designed LC solutions with superior performance to a global customer base.


In recent years LCT have had great success in the international cinema market with their PolarSpeed®-S dual-cell shutter which can be found in cinemas worldwide in the DepthQ® polarization modulator, exclusively sold and distributed for 3D projection applications by long-term partner Lightspeed Design, Inc. (US) - but available for other markets through AP Technologies!


LCT has also targeted the filter market using LC technology with a variable Neutral Density Filter designed for professional still and movie cameras. LCT's PolarView®-ND replaces multiple filters with a single device which can be switched between F2 and F12. The PolarView®-ND is designed for flat spectral response and low angular dependence.


A variable colour filter capable of sweeping the transmission band through the visible spectrum, or switching to specific wavelengths, is also being developed.


adobe pdf icon Fast Optical Shutter overview
adobe pdf icon Fast Polarisation Modulator & Rotator overview
adobe pdf icon Variable Neutral Density Filter overview
adobe pdf icon Variable Neutral Density Filter data sheet


For further information and data sheets for individual LC-Tec products please go to the Optical Components pages.


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