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We supply compact and ultra-compact spectrometers from OtO Photonics along with their user-friendly "SpectraSmart" spectral measurement software and a range of lamp- and LED-based light sources.


OtO offer a range of compact Czerny-Turner cavity spectrometers along with their unique microspectrometers based on innovative Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) semiconductor grating chip technology:-


SmartEngine Series - world's highest selling and broadest range of compact DUV-NIR C-T spectrometers
HummingBird Series - extra-compact crossed C-T cavity DUV-NIR spectrometers
EagleEye Series - high sensitivity compact TE-cooled DUV-NIR C-T spectrometers
SideWinder Series - compact NIR C-T spectrometers featuring InGaAs sensors for 900-1700nm
DualSpectrometer Series - combine SmartEngine and SideWinder for full 180nm to 1700nm spectrum
AirAlliance Series - wireless C-T spectrometers based on SmartEngine, EagleEye and SideWinder
UltraMicro Series - 200nm to 900nm MEMS-based microspectrometers as small as 6cm³











Classic C-T spectrometers offer a number of key benefits:-

C T Schematic





  • High optical resolution


  • High sensitivity


  • Low stray light


  • Fast spectral response





MEMS Schematic

OtO's MEMS-based microspectrometers replace the "collimator-plane grating-focusing mirror" optical structure used in traditional Czerny-Turner spectrometers with a "non-spherical, mass-producible" micro-sized component which combines grating and focusing functions. The microchip concave grating technology leverages patented algorithms to calculate curvature and ray-tracing to eliminate aberrations and achieve high resolution of 2nm.


Advantages of OtO's MEMS-based UltraMicro "UM-Series" and Advanced-UltraMicro "AM-Series" spectrometers include:-


  • Small size and low power consumption


  • Highly resistant to vibration


  • Easy integration into OEM systems


  • High volume production with low cost


When combined with OtO’s high-precision optomechanical designs and SpectraSmart software the MEMS grating technology enables microspectrometers which push the performance envelope to deliver the benefits of high accuracy, ultra-compactness, shock resistance, weather resistance and low cost.


Please use the Quick Links to the right of this page to view OtO's range or Contact Us if you are interested in ultra-compact spectrometers covering the range 180nm to 1700nm.

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