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We offer multichannel photon counting data acquisition systems (DAQs) as well as a  4-channel Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) modules.


Multichannel Photon Counting SystemsVertilon MCPC618 TX


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Vertilon's PhotoniQ MCPC618 multichannel photon counting systems are easy to use instruments that allow for direct connection to most PMTs and silicon photomultipliers without the need for external preamplifiers.


Each channel consists of a high sensitivity preamplifier, adjustable threshold discriminator, and high speed counting hardware.


Data is output through the USB 2.0 interface directly to a PC. The trigger mode, count period, and precision gating functions are easily configured through the included graphical user interface to support virtually any photon counting application.


Key features of the MCPC618 are:-


  • 8 high speed counting channels
  • Direct connection to PMTs and silicon photomultipliers
  • 4ns pulse pair resolution
  • Adjustable discrimination threshold
  • 250MHz count rate per channel
  • Subnanosecond programmable synchronous gating function
  • Real time Graphical User Interface software



MCPC618 product sheet
MCPC618 user manual

Time-to-Digital Converter


HRM TX 300x300SensL’s HRM-TDC is a portable USB high resolution timing solution incorporating high end timing functions in an easy-to-use, flexible and high performance module.


The HRM-TDC provides four channels with 27ps of timing resolution and a maximum data rate of 4.5 mega samples per second over USB. DLL libraries and LabVIEW drivers simplify the integration of the HRM-TDC into any application. The HRM-TDC is the ideal platform whether your objective is an OEM instrument or an easy-to-use and flexible research tool.


Download HRM-TDC datasheet HRM-TDC data sheet

Download HRM-TDC User Manual

HRM-TDC User Manual

Download HRM-TDC Quick Start Guide

HRM-TDC Quick Start Guide
Download HRM technical note Using HRM-TDC & HRM-CFD with analogue detectors



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