SHA IR EmitterWe offer Opto Diode's high reliability steady-state thermal emitters specifically designed for use with their Lead-Sulphide and Lead-Selenide detectors.


ODC's infrared emitters, constructed with rugged proven packaging techniques offer a new level in state-of-the-art design and performance.


The SA-series and SHA-series IR emitters are designed to be used as steady state emitters of blackbody radiation. The radiating element is a coiled filament of an Opto Diode specific material with a specialised coating to give an emissivity of 0.70. Radiated output closely emulates a blackbody in spectral distribution.


SA- and SHA-series emitters are offered in several models with specific filament diameters and number of coils to provide the desired input/output power at a rated filament temperature of 1170K.


SA-series emitters are available in both TO-8 and TO-5 packages with a choice of standard window materials to tailor the output to specific wavelength ranges of interest. SHA-series models are only offered in TO-5 format and do not include a window. Standard models include a parabolic reflector to provide near collimated and uniform radiation output. Without a reflector, the radiating element approximates an isotropic point emitter.


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Number Number Emissivity
SA-Series Standard Steady-State Emitters
40095 SA727-5M2 Emitter 727 in TO-5 Sapphire 0.7 PDF icon
40198 SA727-8M2 Emitter 727 in TO-8 Sapphire  0.7
40089 SA1037-5M2 Emitter 1037 in TO-5 Sapphire  0.7
40096 SA727-5M3 Emitter 727 in TO-5 Calcium Fluoride  0.7
40090 SA1037-5M3 Emitter 1037 in TO-5 Calcium Fluoride  0.7
40093 SA10510-8M3 Emitter 10510 in TO-8 Calcium Fluoride  0.7
SHA-Series High Power Steady-State Emitters     
40100 SHA727-5M0 Emitter 727 in TO-5 Windowless 0.7 PDF icon
40099 SHA1037-5M0 Emitter 1037 in TO-5 Windowless 0.7


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