MCDWe offer 4-channel PbS and PbSe quadrant detectors from Opto Diode Corporation.


New application demands are driving instrument manufacturers to measure more materials or gases in smaller devices while still maintaining high sensitivity and quality. To meet these challenges, Opto Diode's MCD (Multi-Channel Detector) product family provides four discrete optical channels in compact packages with options for optical filters and thermoelectric cooling. With exceptional long-life and high-sensitivity, Opto Diode's PbSe MCDs cover from 1µm to 5.5µm for near and mid-infrared applications.


These MCDs are designed in a compact quadrant configuration with four isolated active elements on a single die. Four standard integrated optical filters have peak wavelengths of 3.34µm, 4.26µm and 4.60µm and a reference channel centred on 3.84µm to cover hydrocarbons (i.e. methane), Carbon Dioxide and  Carbon Monoxide testing - other filter wavelengths may be specified on a custom basis.


ODC's MCD-series detector arrays offer system designers a number of advantages:-


  • Suitable for NIR and MWIR sensing from 1µm to 5.5µm
  • Compact, hermetic uncooled & cooled packages ideal for portable instruments in harsh environments
  • Four high sensitivity optical channels allow simultaneous measurement of multiple gases/materials
  • Available with and without optical filters
  • Designed for long term reliability in the field


Part Model Package Active Area D* Data
Number Number (mm) cmHz½W-1
Quadrant uncooled PbS detector without filters
40683  MAP-15-4  TO-5, Flat Sapphire Window 1.0 x 1.0 (x4) 1.0 x 1011 typ. PDF icon
Quadrant uncooled PbSe detector with filters
40642 MBXP-15-4  TO-5 Quad Filter Assembly  1.0 x 1.0 (x4) 1.5 x 1010 typ. PDF icon
Quadrant one-stage TE Cooled PbSe Detector with filters
40703 MBXT1S-18T-4  TO-8 Quad Filter Assembly  1.0 x 1.0 (x4) 2.8 x 1010 typ. PDF icon

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