SCD groupWe supply the "CalSensors" range of Lead Sulfide (PbS) and Lead Selenide (PbSe) detectors and "CalSource" IR emitters from Opto Diode Corporation.


Lead Sulfide detectors are sensitive from 1µm to 3.1µm whilst Lead Selenide covers the range 1µm to 5µm.


A range of uncooled and cooled single channel detectors are offered in both materials - the "A-Series" (PbS) and "B-Series" (PbSe).


PbSe 4-channel detectors are offered in uncooled and cooled versions under the "MCD-Series" with the option of integrated optical filters allowing simultaneous measurement of multiple materials and gases such as CO, CO2 and various hydrocarbons. The 4 detectors are a single semiconductor chip enabling accurate placement and uniform characteristics while the integrated spectral filters are mounted in holders designed to minimise optical crosstalk between detector channels.


ODC's "CalSource" thermal infrared sources are offered in Steady State "SA-Series" and High Output Low Cost Steady State "SHA-Series" based on a coiled filament design. ODC also supply ultra-thin metallic foil Pulsable emitters "SVF-Series" and the Fast Pulsable "SPF-Series"To ease integration of their fast pulsable IR sources Opto Diode also offer the PIRE+ high speed IR emitter (40101: SPF220-5M2) with integrated drive electronics.


More information on all of these technologies can be found using the Quick Links to the right of this page or by contacting APT.

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