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OtO Photonics offer a choice of light sources for spectrometry. All of OtO's light sources are designed for easy integration with their PKG Spectral Measurement Kit - providing perfect alignment with cuvette holder and spectrometer.


LS-HA: Halogen

OtO Photonics' LS-HA is a Halogen light source which provides a stable and smooth wide-band output suitable to most visible and near infrared measurements.


BL Series: Halogen

The BL20, BL30 and BL60 are Halogen light sources respectively optimised for use over the design wavelength ranges of OtO's SmartEngine-020 (SE2020), SmartEngine-030 (SE2030) and SmartEngine-060 (SE2060) compact Czerny-Turner spectrometers.


LS-BA Series: Halogen & LED

The LS-BA  "balance light source" combines a Halogen source with LEDs at 395nm and 430nm to broaden the spectrum and add power at these shorter wavelengths.



OtO's LS-DH-1 combines a Deuterium source emitting at 200-400nm with a Halogen source covering 400-1700nm to provide a full 200-1700nm output.


adobe pdf icon Light Sources data sheet


AP Technologies also offers the FibercoupLED12 (FC-LED12) LED-based light source from Adaptive Lighting.


Adaptive's FC-LED12 consists of a compact (W 70mm H 55mm L 70mm) light source containing 12 individually configurable High Brightness LED sources thereby providing multiple pre-defined spectral outputs. The integrated control module allows control of the light source via PC or laptop using the intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).


OEM users can specify the wavelengths of the individual LEDs from 355nm to 2,500nm with the option of using multiple die of the same wavlength to increase power within particular bands. Each LED channel can be operated in Continuous On Mode with 1024 Bit control or via External TTL Strobe Mode.


The light source is available as a fiber-coupled module with SMA, 3mm or 5mm lightguide adaptors and a range of focusing and collimating optics.


adobe pdf icon FC-LED12 product brief


For more information on OtO and Adaptive light sources please Contact Us.

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