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PocketHawk-NIR is OtO Photonics' latest folded-cavity Czerny-Turner NIR spectrometer offering the performance benefits of classic C-T cavity designs in a significantly more compact package.


PocketHawk-NIR is dramatically smaller than OtO's SideWinder Czerny-Turner cavity NIR spectrometers at just 65 x 65 x 29.8mm³ (<126cm³) including the external control board and yet the optical bench provides excellent rigidity, ensuring a platform with industry-leading thermal, humidity, shock and vibration stability.


PocketHawk-NIR is offered with a choice two models:-


  • PH2524, Hamamatsu G8160 128-pixel InGaAs linear sensor
  • PH2534, Hamamatsu G9203 256-pixel InGaAs linear sensor


Both models cover a spectral range of 900nm to 1700nm - achieved using a choice from two gratings:-


  • NIRC1: 150 grooves/mm blazed at 1250nm is recommended for use with the PH2524 model (128-pixel)
  • NIRC2: 300 grooves/mm blazed at 1200nm is recommended for use with the PH2534 model (256-pixel)


Slit sizes of 50µm, 100µm and 200µm can be selected, providing FWHM resolutions provided below:-


Bandwidth Sensitivity
Resolution (nm)
Slit Size
50µm 100µm 200µm
NIRC1 150 1250nm 800nm 900-1700 10-16 18-22 >~30
NIRC2 300 1200nm 800nm 900-1700 5-8 9-11 ~15


The optical input is via an industry-standard SMA-905 multimode fibre connector whilst the externally mounted control board incorporates a 16 bit, 15MHz A/D converter with electrical interface via an external control board featuring a high speed (480Mbps) Micro USB 2.0 connector or 8-pin extension port.


OtO's SpectraSmart spectral management software is supplied with PocketHawk and includes a Windows Software Development Kit. Example code for control via Linux is also available upon request.


adobe pdf icon PocketHawk-NIR product brief
adobe pdf icon PocketHawk-NIR data sheet


For more information on PocketHawk-NIR and to discuss your application, please Contact Us.