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PH2014 250px

PocketHawk is OtO Photonics' latest folded-cavity Czerny-Turner spectrometer offering the performance benefits of classic C-T cavity designs in a significantly more compact package.


PocketHawk is smaller than OtO's HummingBird folded C-T cavity spectrometers at just 65 x 65 x 29.8mm³ (~126cm³) and yet the optical bench provides excellent rigidity, ensuring a platform with industry-leading thermal, humidity, shock and vibration stability.


PocketHawk is offered with two sensors - PH2014 features the Sony ILX563A high sensitivity 3000 pixel CCD sensor whilst the new PH2034 uses Hamamatsu's 13014 512-pixel CMOS sensor.


PH2014 covers the spectral range 330nm to 1050nm and is offered with a choice of two gratings for optimum efficiency at 330nm for UV or 770nm for NIR applications. A range of 6 slit sizes give resolution from 2.2nm to 17nm FWHM allowing users to optimise the configuration.


PH2034 is currently offered with two standard spectral ranges, 200-1050nm and 450-750nm. The 200-1050nm version can be specified with a choice of two gratings optimised for 250nm or 300nm and 5 slits widths from 10µm to 200µm.


PocketHawk's optical input is via an industry-standard SMA-905 multimode fibre connector whilst the externally mounted control board incorporates a 16 bit, 15MHz A/D converter with electrical interface via an external control board featuring a high speed (480Mbps) Micro USB 2.0 connector or 8-pin extension port.


OtO's SpectraSmart spectral management software is supplied with PocketHawk and includes a Windows Software Development Kit. Example code for control via Linux is also available upon request. 


Bandwidth Factory
Simulated Resolution (nm) Guidance only
Slit Size
10µm 25µm 50µm 100µm 200µm 300µm
500 VNIR6 330nm
VNIR6A 770nm
720nm 330-1050 2.2 2.5 3.1 6.0 12.0 17.0
150 DUVN2 250nm
DUVN2A 300nm
850nm 200-1050 5.5 6.6 10.0 18.3 36.2 N/A
300 V23 500nm 300nm 450-750 2.7 3.3 4.8 9.0 N/A N/A


adobe pdf icon PocketHawk product brief
adobe pdf icon PocketHawk data sheet


For more information on PocketHawk and to discuss your application, please Contact Us.