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SpectralMeasurementSystemOtO Photonics offer a complete "spectral measurement system in a box" comprising a rigid platform on which can be mounted a choice of light sources and spectrometers along with a cuvette holder.


The "PKG" measurement system is intended to cover the 350nm to 1020nm spectral range using OtO's "Balance Light Series" (BA-LS) or Halogen lamp light sources and can be configured with a variety of their SmartEngine (SE-Series) compact Czerny-Turner spectrometers.


A full set of accessories are supplied including:-


PKG Contents

  • 2 cuvettes - 1 Quartz & 1 plastic


  • 2 collimators


  • 1 fibre-collimator


  • ND filter set (15%, 50% & 75%)


  • Red, Green and Blue filters



The entire spectral measurement system is supplied in a heavy duty carrying case with power supply and USB cable. 


PKG CarryCase

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For more information please contact us.