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1mm 300px TXSensL's RB-Series SiPMs are their second-generation red-enhanced technology optimised for highest possible responsivity at 905nm for 3D Imaging and Ranging applications such as LiDAR and gesture recognition.


The RB-Series offers increased Photon Detection Efficiency at 905nm, achieving up to 10.3% (35µm microcells at maximum overvoltage). 


RB-Series SiPMs are currently offered as 1mm active area devices with 10µm, 20µm and 35µm microcell sizes. Smaller microcells have lower PDE & responsivity but benefit from faster timing and a higher saturation level / dynamic range.


SiPMs offer significant benefits over conventional silicon avalanche photodiodes (APDs) and making SiPMs the "detector of choice" in demanding high volume markets. Key benefits include:-


  • High responsivity - up to 420kA/W @ 905nm
  • High gain - >1 million
  • Photon Detection Efficiency of up to 10.3% @ 905nm
  • Low operating voltage - typically 33.2V (20µm microcell) at 21°C
  • Reflow solderable SMT package


SensL have modified their high volume transfer moulded epoxy surface mount Micro Leadframe Package (MLP) for improved thermal conductivity as many of the applications are subject to high ambient light conditions.


We appreciate that many users in the 3D imaging and ranging market are unfamiliar with SiPMs and whilst a solution to the many significant problems with Si APDs are being urgently sought there is a need to develop an understanding of the capabilities of the technology. SensL offer an evaluation board with your choice of RB-Series SiPM mounted on a PCB with three SMA connectors for Bias, Standard- and Fast-out terminals. An SMA board experimentation guide provides a series of simple experiments designed to help familiarity with the technology.



SensL continue to offer their 1x16 monolithic SiPM array. The ArrayRA features 16 SiPMs (0.491x0.171mm²) with a 59µm interpixel spacing (0.55mm pitch). The array is packaged in a compact (10mmx3mmx0.9mm) surface mount (DFN) package with access to each individual pixel's Fast Output and a single common (Summed) Anode and Common Cathode - allowing provision of a single bias supply for all 16 pixels. The DFN package features and exposed pad (EPAD) which may be soldered to the PCB for optimum thermal performance.


SensL offer the ArrayRA pre-mounted on an evaluation board with a single SMA connector (for biasing) and 16 UMC connectors (Hirose U.FL) for the fast output signals.


We are always happy to discuss SiPMs so please contact AP Technologies to discuss your application.


SensL's product selection guide
RB-Series data sheet
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. R-Series user manual
Biasing & Readout of SiPMs
Download MicroB-series Data Sheet Handling & soldering guidelines for MLP-SMT package
SMA board experiment guide
ArrayRA 1x16 SiPM array

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