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KETEK offer compact uncooled SiPM-TIA modules combining a choice of SiPM with a high speed transimpedance amplifier and controllable bias source.


The convenient plug-and-play modules are ideal for many high speed low-light applications such as cytometry - allowing OEMs to quickly assess suitability followed by rapid integration into production.


For applications with varying operating temperatures Ketek have recently introduced a gain-stabilised version (-TP version) which automatically adjusts the bias voltage to maintain the user-set overbias - ensuring Gain and Photon Detection Efficiency remain fixed.


The standard modules feature Ketek's 3mm WB-Series SiPMs but it is also possible to specify the 1mm PM1125-WB-B0 as well as 2x2 array of the 3mm SiPMs to produce a larger active area.


Key Features are:-


  • Standard 3mm SiPMs - PM3325-WB (25µm microcell) or PM3315-WB (15µm)
  • Option to specify PM1125 (1x1mm² 25µm) or 6mm (2x2 PM33x5)
  • 2-stage TIA, 150V/A, 12.5MHz
  • Bias voltage regulation by applied 0-1V control (-SP & -TP version)
  • Optional gain-stabilisation (-TP version)
  • Compact 20 x 50 x 40 mm³ package
  • Compatible with Thorlabs® SM05 optics
  • Compatible with Hamamatsu® PMT mounts


PDF icon PE33xx-WB-TIA-xP data sheet