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KETEK offer compact uncooled SiPM-TIA modules combining their PM3315-WB or PM3315-WL SiPMs with a high speed transimpedance amplifier and controllable bias source.


The convenient plug-and-play module is ideal for many high speed low-light applications such as cytometry - allowing OEMs to quickly assess suitability followed by rapid integration into production.


For applications with varying operating temperature the module includes control of the bias voltage. This allows users to compensate for the -22mV/°C temperature coefficient of breakdown voltage - maintaining a stable overbias and ensuring Gain and Photon Detection Efficiency remain fixed.


Key Features are:-


  • Standard 3mm SiPM - PM3315-WB/PM3315-WL (15µm microcell)
  • 2-stage TIA, 150V/A, 12.5MHz
  • Bias voltage regulation by applied 0-1V control
  • Compact 20 x 50 x 40 mm³ package
  • Compatible with Thorlabs SM05 optics
  • Compatible with Hamamatsu PMT mounts


PDF icon PE3315-WB-TIA-SP module data sheet
PDF icon PM3315-WB-C0 SiPM data sheet
PDF icon PE3315-WL-TIA-SP module data sheet
PDF icon PE3315-WL-A0 SiPM data sheet