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EvalKit TX email

KETEK's easy-to-use EvalKit is designed to allow rapid evaluation and characterisation of any KETEK SiPM.


The Evaluation Kit can be specified with a choice of high performance PCBs optimised for either single photon measurements or for testing with scintillators. The PCBs are mounted in a Thorlabs® CP02/M cage plate and 3 MCX-to-SMA cables are included.


An SiPM Bias Source and broadband amplifier can also be selected. 




PEPCB-EVAL-MCX-RES-P for general purpose measurements:

  • DC-Coupled output via 51Ω resistive tap
  • Low pass fitler in bias supply line
  • Ideal for single photon counting and scintillator measurements 





PEPCB-EVAL-MCX-P for fast counting and timing measurements:

  • AC-Coupled (~3MHz) matched to 50Ω
  • Two outputs, SIGNAL (90%) & MONITOR (10%)
  • Additional output enables simultaneous measurement of timing and resolution



Both designs of PCB feature a socket to accomodate the "PIN" version of the appropriate 1mm or 3mm SiPM (i.e. mounted on a small PCB with three pins on the rear).


Ketek's Quick Start Guide for the SiPM Evaluation Kit contains guidance on the selection and use of the available components and there is a separate guide for the SiPM Bias Source.


Evaluation Kit Quick Start Guide
SiPM Bias Source Quick Start Guide


For further information on the SiPM Evaluation Kit and for pricing please contact AP Technologies