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EvalKit 1KETEK's easy-to-use EvalKit is designed to allow rapid evaluation and characterisation of any KETEK SiPM. The Evaluation Kit can be specified with a choice of high performance PCBs optimised for either single photon measurements or for testing with scintillators:-


Single Photon Measurements:

  • Single photon spectrum
  • Single photon time resolution


Scintillator Measurements:

  • Energy resolution
  • Time resolution
  • Additional monitor output enable simultaneous measurement of timing and resolution


Both designs of PCB feature a socket to accomodate the "PIN" version of the appropriate SiPM (i.e. mounted on a small PCB with three pins on the rear).


The Evaluation Kit can be ordered in two configurations - the Optical Bench Mount kit (PEVAL-Kit-MCX) shown above includes a Thorlabs® CP02/M cage plate (optical post not included). For Coincidence Measurements KETEK also offer a base-plate-mounted version (PEVAL-Kit) designed for easy alignment of two SiPMs.


EvalKit Coincidence



Evaluation Kit product brochure
Evaluation Kit Quick Start Guide
SiPM Bias Source data sheet

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