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SensL's C-Series SiPMs were released in July 2014 and are SensL's core product, expected to meet the requirements of the majority of applications.


Based on SensL's proprietary P-on-N 200mm wafer CMOS process the C-series brought a 95% reduction in Dark Count Rate, just 30kHz/mm², whilst maintaining other key characteristics such as peak PDE of 42% at 420nm when operated at a 5V overbias.


All of the C-Series devices use SensL's patented three-electrode design featuring Anode, Cathode and "fast-mode" third electrode readout.


C-Series SiPMs are available in 1mm, 3mm and 6mm active areas with 10µm, 20µm, 35µm and 50µm microcells. They are supplied in SensL's high volume, low cost Micro Leadframe Package (MLP) surface mount solution which is fully compatible with lead-free reflow soldering processes and is ideal for producing custom 2D arrays.


The 1mm C-Series parts are also available in an industry-standard TO-18 window package whilst the SMT parts can also be purchased mounted on a compact "Pin Adapter" PCB (-SMTPA) and on a larger PCB with three SMA connectors giving easy access to the Vbias, Standard- and Fast-out terminals. An Experiement Guide is also provided which guide new SiPM users through a series of simple experiments intended to familiarise them with the technology.


SensL are unique in the SiPM world in being able to supply fully reliability testing based on internationally recognised standards. SensL's use of standard CMOS wafer processing means that they are able to directly apply industry standard test flows designed for ICs
JEDEC – JESD22-A108D “Temperature, bias and operating life”. The results of this testing are provided in an SPIE Optical Engineering paper "High volume silicon photomultiplier production, performance and reliability". SensL have successfully performed the same testing on C-Series SiPMs.


SensL offer standard SiPM arrays as well as the information necessary to design and manufacture application-specific SiPM arrays - including a reference SMT 2D array design guide and guidance on readout methods.


SensL's product selection guide
C-Series data sheet
C-Series user manual
Biasing & Readout of SiPMs
High volume SiPM production, performance and reliability
Download MicroB-series Data Sheet Handling & soldering guidelines for MLP-SMT package
Download MicroB-series Data Sheet Handling & soldering guidelines for TO- & Ceramic packages
adobe pdf icon SMA and SMTPA board reference designs for MLP
SMA board experiment guide
Download SMT array reference design technical note SMT 2D array reference design
Readout methods for SiPM arrays
Signal driven multiplexing array readout

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