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Array Group



SensL offer a range of four-side-scalable arrays based on their C-Series and J-Series surface mount SiPMs.


Most of the arrays are designed to give the user access to both the standard-mode and fast-mode readouts - making them suitable for use with large scintillators or segmented scintillator arrays.


64PArrayOnBoBThe rear of the arrays are populated with board-to-board connectors or Ball Grid Arrays. Where BGA contacts are used there is the option of having the array pre-mounted on an Evaluation Board providing board-to-board connectors.


SensL also provide "Break Out Boards" (BoBs) which give access to each pixel's Cathode and outputs via jumper pins along with three SMA connectors which can be linked to any combination of jumper.


The table below provides information on the array configurations and links to associated documentation.


C-Series MLP Arrays
Part Number Pixel Size Configuration Pitch Array Size  Connections
ArrayC-60035-4P-BGA 6mm 2x2 7.2mm 14.2x14.2mm² 3x3 BGA
ArrayC-60035-4P-EVB Evaluation board, permanently attached ArrayC-60035-4P-BGA
ArrayC-60035-64P-PCB 6mm 8x8 7.2mm 57.4x57.4mm² 2x80-way
ArrayC-30035-16P-PCB 3mm 4x4 4.2mm 16.6x16.6mm² 40-way
ArrayC-30035-144P-PCB 3mm 12x12 4.2mm 50.2x50.2mm² 4x80-way
ArrayC-10035-64P-BGA 1mm 8x8 2.0mm 15.8x15.5mm² 12x12 BGA
ArrayC-10035-64P-EVB Evaluation board, permanently attached ArrayC-10035-64P-BGA
    Array-MLP product brief

Array-MLP user manual
    C-Series data sheet

C-Series user manual

Readout methods for SiPM arrays
J-Series TSV Arrays
 Part Number Pixel Size Configuration Pitch Array Size Connections
ArrayJ-60035-4P-BGA 6mm 2x2 6.33mm 12.46x12.46mm² 3x3 BGA
ArrayJ-60035-4P-PCB Evaluation board, permanently attached ArrayJ-60035-4P-BGA
ArrayJ-60035-64P-PCB 6mm 8x8 6.33mm 50.44x50.44mm² 2x80-way
ArrayJ-30035-64P-PCB 3mm 8x8 3.36mm 26.68x26.68mm² 2x80-way
ArrayJ-30035-16P-PCB 3mm 4x4 3.36mm 13.24x13.24mm² 2x20-way
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Array-TSV product brief
   adobe pdf icon

Array-TSV user manual

J-Series data sheet

J-Series user manual
  Handling TSV arrays with scintillators

Readout methods for SiPM arrays

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