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In January 2011 Opto Diode completed the acquisition of International Radiation Detectors, Inc. (IRD).


IRD was formed in July 1991 to manufacture absolute devices for measurement of visible, UV, XUV, EUV and soft x-ray photons. IRD developed silicon photodiodes with 100% internal carrier collection efficiency and was the only company in the world manufacturing and marketing stable silicon photodiodes for detection of vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.


Due to their unparalleled quantum efficiency stability and radiation hardness IRD photodiodes have been successfully used in a number of ESA & NASA solar space instrumentation programmes.


AXUV (Absolute XUV) series devices feature a 6nm oxide window and 100% internal QE. They can be used to cover the complete photon spectral range (0.04-1100nm) and are recommended for detection of low energy electrons and ions in applications such as BackScatter and Secondary Electron detectors in Scanning Electron Microscopes.


SXUV series devices use a metal silicide window to address the issue of surface recombination in oxide windows (resulting in loss of 100% internal QE) after receiving several G-rad (SiO2) dose. SXUV series devices have almost infinite radiation hardness to photons and are recommended for the detection of UV/EUV pulse radiation; high photon flux; and when pulse energy density is higher than 0.1 µJ/cm².


UVG series diodes have 100% internal quantum efficiency. These devices are optimised for photon detection from 130-1100nm with a 40-150nm oxide window. 



  Part Number Active Area RSh ID C Risetime
@50V @0V 10-90%
AXUV High Speed Detectors
PDF icon AXUV-Series characteristics        
PDF icon AXUVHS5 1x1mm, 1mm²  - 1pA 40nF 700ps @ 52V
PDF icon AXUVHS6 0.029x0.029mm, 0.0008mm² 0.6pA 1nF 50ps @ 52V
PDF icon AXUVHS11 0.6mm dia, 0.28mm² 200pA 10nF 700ps @ 52V
PDF icon AXUV20HS1 5.01mm dia. 19.7mm² 100pA 200nF 2ns @ 150V
DownloadAXUV63HS1 data sheet AXUV63HS1 9.0mm dia., 63mm² 100pA 10nF 2ns @ 150V
PDF icon AXUV63HS1-CH 9.0mm Ø, 63mm², 1mm Ø hole 100pA 10nF 2ns @ 150V

AXUV - Absolute Devices/Transfer Standards

PDF icon AXUV20A  5.5mm dia., 23mm² 100MΩ - 10nF 2µs
PDF icon AXUV100G 10x10mm, 100mm² 20MΩ - 10nF 10µs
PDF icon  AXUV576C 24.01x24.01mm, 576.5mm² 50MΩ - 120nF -
AXUV Multielement Arrays
Download AXUV16ELG data sheet AXUV16ELG 16 pixels, 2x5mm, 10mm² 100MΩ - 40nF 500µs
PDF icon AXUV20ELG 20 pixels, 0.75x4.1mm, 3mm² 300MΩ - 40nF 200µs

Circular Quadrant with Hole

15.4mm dia., 5.6mm hole

200MΩ - 1.5nF 2000µs
AXUV Filtered Detectors
Download AXUV100Ti/C2 data sheet AXUV100TF030 100mm², 1-12nm, 0.16A/W @ 3nm 20MΩ - 10nF -
Download AXUV100Tl data sheet AXUV100TF400 100mm², 18-80nm, 0.15A/W @ 40nm 20MΩ - 10nF 250µs
  Part Number Active Area RSh ID C Risetime
@50V @0V 10-90%
SXUV Detectors
PDF icon SXUV-Series characteristics        
Download SXUV5 data sheet SXUV5 2.5mm dia., 5mm² 20MΩ - 1nF 0.001µs
PDF icon SXUV100 10x10mm, 100mm² 20MΩ - 15nF 6µs
Download SXUV300C datasheet SXUV300C 22.05x15.85mm, 331mm² 5MΩ - 40nF 6µs
SXUV Filtered Detectors
Download SXUV300C datasheet SXUV100TF1351 100mm², 12-18nm, 0.09A/W @ 13.5nm 10MΩ - 250pF 20ns
1 Optimised for reverse bias operation -  low Capacitance and high speed at 12V.
Download SXUV300C datasheet SXUV100TF135B2 100mm², 12-18nm, 0.09A/W @ 13.5nm   - 5nF -
2 Optimised for zero bias operation - high Shunt Resistance and lower Dark Current.
SXUV High Speed Detectors
Download SXUV20HS15 data sheet SXUV20HS1 5.01mm dia., 19mm²   - 200nF 2µs
SXUV Quadrant Detectors
  SXUVPS3 10x10mm, 4 x 25mm² 10MΩ - 50nF 4µs
PDF icon SXUVPS4 2.5mm dia., 4 x 1.25mm² 100MΩ - 500nF -
Download SXUVPS3 data sheet SXUVPS4C 2.5mm dia., 4 x 1.25mm² 100MΩ - 0.5nF 1µs
  SXUVPS6 7.6mm dia., 4 x 11mm² 10MΩ - 20nF 1µs

SXUV Duo-Lateral Position Sensitive Detector

Download ODD-SXUV-DLPSD data sheet SXUV-DLPSD 5 x 5mm, 25mm² 5MΩ - 60pnF 200ns
  Part Number Active Area RSh ID C Risetime
@50V @0V 10-90%

UVG - Absolute Devices/Transfer Standards

PDF icon UVG-Series characteristics        
Download UVG5 data sheet UVG5 2.5mm dia., 5mm² - - 2nF 1µs
Download UVG5S data sheet UVG5S 2.5mm dia., 5mm² - - 2nF 1µs
Download UVG12 data sheet UVG12 4.1mm dia., 13.2mm² 1000MΩ - 2nF 4µs
Download UVG100 data sheet UVG100 10x10mm, 100mm² 100MΩ - 20nF 10µs
Download UVG20C data sheet UVG20C 4.9mm dia., 19mm² 1000MΩ - 4nF 2µs
Download UVG20S data sheet UVG20S 5.5mm dia., 24mm² 100MΩ - 2.5nF 4µs

Sockets and Electronics

Download AXUV100CS socket data sheet AXUV100CS Ceramic socket; AXUV100/SXUV100/UVG100, 2-pin, 12.5mm spacing
Download AXUV16ELGCS socket data sheet AXUV16ELCS Ceramic socket; AXUV16ELG, 2x20-pin, 2.54x15mm spacing
Download AXUV20ACS data sheet AXUV20ACS Ceramic socket; AXUV20A, AXUV20HS1, SXUV20HS1A, UVG20S
Download AXUV20ACS data sheet AXUV20ELCS  Ceramic socket; AXUV20ELG linear array
Download AXUV20ACS data sheet AXUV300CTS Ceramic socket; AXUV300C/SXUV300C

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