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Opto Diode's UVG-Series detectors features stable responsivity over a wide temperature range and long life in exposure to ultra violet light from 190nm to 400nm.


The UVG-Series feature a 40-150nm oxide window and 100% internal quantum efficiency.


UVG detectors are suitable for a wide variety of applications including power monitoring of UV-A, UV-B, UV-C lasers.





  Part Number Active Area RSh ID C Risetime
@50V @0V 10-90%

UVG - Absolute Devices/Transfer Standards

PDF icon UVG-Series technology overview 
Download UVG5S data sheet UVG5S 2.5mm dia., 5mm² - - 2nF 1µs
Download UVG12 data sheet UVG12 4.1mm dia., 13.2mm² - - 3nF 4µs
Download UVG20C data sheet UVG20C 4.9mm dia., 19mm² 200MΩ - 4nF 2µs
Download UVG20S data sheet UVG20S 5.5mm dia., 24mm² 100MΩ - 2.5nF 4µs
Download UVG100 data sheet UVG100 10x10mm, 100mm² 100MΩ - 20nF 10µs


Download AXUV100CS socket data sheet AXUV100CS Ceramic socket; UVG100, 2-pin, 12.5mm spacing
Download AXUV20ACS data sheet AXUV20ACS Ceramic socket; UVG20S


Support: Silicon Photodiodes

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