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Opto Diode's SXUV-Series of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) enhanced detectors features superior 13.5nm photolithography capability with stable responsivity in extreme UV exposure from 1nm to 190nm, making them ideal for the most critical measurements of EUV light.


SXUV-Series detectors feature a metal silicide window to address the issue of surface recombination in oxide windows (resulting in loss of 100% internal QE) after receiving several G-rad (SiO2) dose. SXUV series devices have almost infinite radiation hardness to photons and are recommended for the detection of UV/EUV pulse radiation; high photon flux; and when pulse energy density is higher than 0.1 µJ/cm².



  Part Number Active Area RSh ID C Risetime
@50V @0V 10-90%
SXUV Detectors
PDF icon SXUV-Series technology overview
Download SXUV5 data sheet SXUV5 2.5mm dia., 5mm² 20MΩ - 1nF 0.001µs
PDF icon SXUV100 10x10mm, 100mm² 20MΩ - 15nF 6µs
Download SXUV300C datasheet SXUV300C 22.05x15.85mm, 331mm² 5MΩ - 40nF 6µs
SXUV Filtered Detectors
Download SXUV300C datasheet SXUV100TF1351 100mm², 12-18nm, 0.09A/W @ 13.5nm 10MΩ - 250pF 20ns
1 Optimised for reverse bias operation -  low Capacitance and high speed at 12V.
SXUV High Speed Detectors
Download SXUV20HS15 data sheet SXUV20HS1 5.01mm dia., 19mm²   - 200nF 2µs
SXUV Quadrant Detectors
PDF icon SXUVPS4 2.5mm dia., 4 x 1.25mm² 100MΩ - 500nF -
Download SXUVPS3 data sheet SXUVPS4C 2.5mm dia., 4 x 1.25mm² 100MΩ - 0.5nF 1µs


Download AXUV100CS socket data sheet AXUV100CS Ceramic socket; SXUV100, 2-pin, 12.5mm spacing


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