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ODC NXIR 5CWe offer Opto Diode's NXIR-Series of red and near infrared optimised silicon photodiodes.


The NXIR family of detectors are designed specifically for back-facet laser-monitoring applications that require improved performance in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum from 700nm to 1100nm. NXIR-series photodiodes achieve typical responsivity of 0.65A/W at 850nm and 0.4A/W at 1000nm.


These affordable detectors provide high responsivity, high shunt resistance, low dark current, and low capacitance.


Three "reduced footprint" detector chips are offered with footprints of just 0.8x0.8mm (0.64mm² with 0.36mm² active area); 1.02x1.02mm (1.04mm², 0.74mm² active area) and 1.6x1.6mm (2.56mm², 1.0mm² active area).


ODC also offer two compact and robust surface mount devices with antireflection coated glass windows - the NXIR-100C is a 1mm² active area detector in a 3.05x3.4mm package whilst the NXIR-5C is a larger 5mm² circular active area detector in a 4.7x4.9mm package.


Additionally there is a 5mm² active area photodiode supplied in a standard TO-5 package with flat window. 

  Part Number  Active Area Package  Responsivity (A/W)
(mm²) 850nm 1064nm 
PDF icon NXIR-RF36 0.36 0.80 x 0.80mm² reduced footprint chip 0.65  
PDF icon NXIR-RF74 0.74 1.02 x 1.02mm² reduced footprint chip 0.65
PDF icon NXIR-RF100 1.00 1.60 x 1.60mm² reduced footprint chip 0.62 0.35
PDF icon NXIR-RF100C 1.00 3.05 x 3.4mm² SMD, Window 0.62 0.35
PDF icon NXIR-5C 5.00 4.7 x 4.9mm² SMD, Window 0.62 0.35
PDF icon NXIR-5W 5.00 TO-5, Window 0.65 0.38


For more information please contact APT.

Support: Silicon Photodiodes

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