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QLF1335AE LI Curves

The QLF1335-xx series are 1300nm Quantum Dot  laser diodes intended for use in extremely high temperature environments and are capable of operation at up to 200°C ambient without cooling.


The use of QDL's proprietary Quantum Dot technology in the active layers of these Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diodes results in reduced temperature sensitivity and enables higher temperature operation and lower power consumption than conventional laser diodes.


The plot to the right shows the LI curves for the QLF1335-AD device which is rated for operation at ambient temperatures up to 175°C. It can clearly be seen that the laser is well within the linear operating region at its rated 2mW and 175°C. Thermally driven rollover occurs at 4.5mW and 180°C. Conventional laser diodes cannot approach this level of performance.


The lasers are supplied as standard parts using TO-56 packages with a hermetically sealed lens cap and incorporate a monitor photodiode for optical power control. Custom mounting in alternative TO can and pigtailed coaxial or butterfly packages can be offered.


This family of laser diode are suitable for a variety of applications, for example data communication and sensing in harsh environments such as deserts, production plants and oil or gas exploration.


Type Wavelength Package Operating
Adobe icon QLD1335-AA DFB 1300nm TO-56 125°C
Adobe icon QLF1335-AE FP 1300nm TO-56 175°C
Adobe icon QLF1335-T200 FP 1300nm TO-56 200°C


Currently under development are the QLD1335-AA which is a 125°C operation DFB laser diode and the QLF1335-T200 rated for operation at 200°C.


Please contact APT for further information on current and future QD Laser products.