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BF DFB 300pixelLaser diodes with quantum dot active layers exhibit drastically reduced output power temperature sensitivity compared with conventional quantum well communication laser diodes.


The characteristics provide simplified implementation since there is no requirement for thermoelectric cooling or monitor photodiodes.


The QLD123F-4010 is a 1240nm Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser offered in a flat window TO-56 can and is rated at 10mW (min) output when operated at 60°C case temperature - far higher than conventional lasers can achieve.


The QLD1261-4005 is a 1240nm DFB mounted in a 14-pin butterfly package with integrated thermoelectric cooler, isolator and monitor photodiode emitting 5mW from polarisation maintaining fibre.


The QLF1339-AA is a 1310nm Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diode capable of operation up to 85°C with rise and fall times of 0.05ns (5mW, 10%-90%) intended for 155Mbps datacom applications. The standard package is a TO-56 can with a lens cap.


QD Laser also offer two Quantum Dot Fabry-Perot laser chips. The QLF1312-P10 emits at 1310nm chip at 25°C (1335nm @ 85°C) and is rated for operation at 10mW up to 85°C. The QLF131F-P16 emits at 1305nm at 25°C (1335nm @ 85°C) and is rated for operation at 16mW up to 110°C.



Type Wavelength Power Package
PDF icon QLD1261-4005 DFB 1240nm 5mW 14-pin BF
PDF icon QLD123F-4010 DFB 1240nm 10mW @ 60°C TO-56
PDF icon QLF1139-AA FP 1310nm 6mW TO-56
PDF icon QLF1312-P10 FP 1310nm 10mW Chip
PDF icon QLF131F-P16 FP 1305nm 16mW Chip


Please contact APT for further information on current and future QD Laser products.