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Pire Plus 225pxWe offer Opto Diode's pulsable thermal emitters. Two families of devices are available:-


  • SVF-series - Standard pulsable emitters
  • SPF-series - Fast pulsable emitters


SVF-Series infrared (IR) emitters are designed to be used as pulsable emitters of blackbody radiation. The radiating element in the pulsable emitters is an ultra-thin Opto Diode specific metallic foil configured so that radiation from both sides of the heated foil is efficiently directed out of the package along the optic axis. The foil material has an emissivity of 0.88 and closely emulates a blackbody source in spectral distribution.


Standard SVF-series emitters are offered in sealed TO-5 or TO-8 packages in a variety of foil thicknesses and widths along with a choice of window materials to tailor the output to specific wavelength ranges of interest. SVF-series emitters feature an integral parabolic reflectors providing near collimated and uniform radiation output. A variety of optional elliptical reflectors with varying focal lengths are also available for coupling into optical fibers or other applications.


SPF-series emitters are designed fast pulse rates of up to 180Hz with 50% modulation depth.


The PIRE+ features the 40101 (SPF220-5M2) high-speed infrared emitter together with a driver PCB assembly and heatsink.  PIREis intended to offer users a convenient fast-pulsed source of blackbody radiation for development and product evaluation. The solution is offered as a 3-item PIRE+ kit and also pre-mounted on an evaluation board as the PIREEVB.


Part Model Description Window Typical Data
Number Number Emissivity
SVF-Series Standard Pulsable Emitters
40103 SVF230-5M2 Emitter 230 in TO-5 Sapphire 0.88 PDF icon
40106 SVF350-5M2 Emitter 350 in TO-5 Sapphire 0.88
40432 SVF360-8M2 Emitter 360 in TO-8 Sapphire 0.88
40104 SVF230-5M3 Emitter 230 in TO-5 Calcium Fluoride 0.88
40107 SVF350-5M3 Emitter 350 in TO-5 Calcium Fluoride 0.88
40172 SVF350-8M3 Emitter 350 in TO-8 Calcium Fluoride 0.88
40110 SVF360-8M3 Emitter 360 in TO-8 Calcium Fluoride 0.88
SPF-Series Fast Pulsable Emitters     
40101 SPF220-5M2 Emitter 220 in TO-5 Sapphire 0.88 PDF icon
 PIRE+ Fast Pulsable System
40800 PIRE+ Kit Emitter, Heatsink, Controller Sapphire 0.88 PDF icon
40801 PIRE+ EVB Evaluation Board Sapphire 0.88


 To discuss your thermal IR emitter requirements please contact APT.



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