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Vertilon ProductGroup txTo meet the needs of most applications we supply Vertilon's PhotoniQ Multi-Channel Charge Integrating DAQ Systems for SiPM, APD & PMT.


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PhotoniQ charge integrating data acquisition (DAQ) systems are available in seven standard configurations ranging from 2 to 128 input channels. All configurations include PC compatible GUI software, Windows based USB drivers, USB cable, and external system power supply.


As an option, a negative high voltage power supply module to bias user-supplied PMTs, SiPMs, or APDs can be added to any 32, 64, or 128 channel PhotoniQ model. A second high voltage module can be added to the 64 and 128 channel PhotoniQ models for applications such as PET requiring data collection from multiple sensors.


For a comprehensive description of the features, specifications, and options for all PhotoniQ models, download the User Manual and Selection Guide. All models of PhotoniQ DAQ systems can be optionally upgraded with a number of add-on features. For convenience the links for the data sheets relating to these options are provided in the download table - read on for more information on these options!


PDF icon Selection Guide - PhotoniQ IQSP-series DAQs
PDF icon User Manual - PhotoniQ IQSP-series DAQs
PDF icon

User Manual - PhotoniQ IQSP-OEM (supplemental)

PDF icon Data Sheet - IQSP418 field expandable (2-8 channel) high dynamic range DAQ
PDF icon

Data Sheet - IQSP518 field expandable (2-8 channel) high speed DAQ

PDF icon Data Sheet - IQSP480 32 channel DAQ
PDF icon Data Sheet - IQSP580 32 channel high speed DAQ
PDF icon

Data Sheet - IQSP482 64 channel DAQ

PDF icon

Data Sheet - IQSP582 64 channel high speed DAQ

PDF icon

Data Sheet - IQSP584 128 channel high speed DAQ

PDF icon

Option - HVPS high voltage power supply for PhotoniQ

PDF icon

User Manual - FEM482M/FEM582M  front end expansion module

PDF icon

User Manual - TPC100AM trigger processing card


High Voltage Power Supply 

The HVPS series of high voltage power supplies is an upgrade option for all PhotoniQ multichannel data acquisition systems.


Fully controllable through the PhotoniQ graphical user interface and USB drivers, the HVPS option is available in -1000V versions (HVPS001, HVPS001M); -1500V versions (HVPS002, HVPS002M) and -100V versions (HVPS701, HVPS701M). They are therefore suitable for biasing PMTs, SiPMs and APD arrays without the need for additional external equipment. All come equipped with a 90cm cable for connection to any one of Vertilon’s sensor interface boards.


All 64 channel versions of the PhotoniQ can be upgraded with up to two high voltage power supplies.


Sensor Interface Boards (SIBs)

SIBs for supported Silicon Photomultipliers, Photomultiplier Tubes and Avalanche Photodiode Arrays should be ordered separately.


Large event buffer memory

MEM032 and MEM064 are respectively 32MB and 64MB image buffers for PhotoniQ models. In a 32-channel unit these upgrades equate to 500,000 and 1,000,000 events respectively.


Front-end Expansion Module (FEM)

The FEM482M/FEM582M allows users of the IQSP482M/IQSP582M sixty-four channel DAQs to cost effectively expand the number of data acquisition inputs from 64 to 128 or greater. Implemented as a single daughtercard for the IQSP482M/IQSP582M main board, the FEM482M/FEM582M connects to the PhotoniQ’s FEM interface mating pads for power and communication. Complete control of the FEM’s functionality and acquisition process is accomplished through the PhotoniQ interface to the PC.


Trigger Processing Card

The TPC100AM trigger processing card is a circuit board assembly designed for high performance applications requiring capture and synchronization of charge pulse signals. The card accepts a single charge-based input pulse that is signal conditioned and processed to provide the pulse integral and pulse peak on two separate analog outputs. Proprietary circuitry dynamically cancels background current while minimizing baseline drift due to pulse pile-up.


Two user-selectable discriminators, a differential type and a constant fraction type, are available for triggering on the peak of the input pulse. Several user adjustments are included for setting preamp bias, system gain, trigger thresholds, and operational modes. Used in conjunction with a PhotoniQ DAQ all electrical and mechanical connectivity to the TPC100AM is established through the PhotoniQ daughtercard expansion interface connector.


The TPC100AM and PhotoniQ assembly allows developers to easily integrate it with other electronics to build more sophisticated electro-optical instruments.



The IQSP480M and IQSP580M are the OEM versions of the IQSP480/IQSP580 thirty-two channel data acquisition systems whilst IQSP482M and IQSP582M are the OEM versions of the IQSP482/IQSP582 sixty-four channel data acquisition systems.


Implemented on a single printed circuit board without an enclosure, these units are easily integrated with other electronics to build more sophisticated electro-optical instruments. Other than for mechanical interface differences, the PhotoniQ OEM models are identical in function and performance to their non-OEM counterparts. In addition to the standard PhotoniQ user manual Vertilon provide a supplemental manual for the OEM versions which contains information and specifications relating to internal connectors and additional functionality not found in the non-OEM versions. The user should refer to the PhotoniQ User Manual for all other information.


Photon Counting System

Vertilon also offer the MCPC628 8-channel high speed photon counting system - details of which can be found in the Photon Counting section of our website.



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