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Because of differing customer requirements, Vertilon's Sensor Interface Boards (SIBs) and the SDS232 do not include the 32 channel SIB cable that connects to the front panel of the PhotoniQ. This cable should be ordered separately in a length suitable for your application.


A 90cm high voltage cable is included with each high voltage module ordered, although other lengths can be separately purchased.


All SIB and high voltage cables can be used with any Vertilon sensor interface board and any 32 or 64 channel PhotoniQ model. 


Sensor Interface Board Cables

SIB cables for sensor interface boards are offered in three standard lengths and in custom lengths up to 180 cm. One cable is needed for each sensor interface board in the system.


Typically, applications utilising an IQSP480 or IQSP580 require one SIB cable while those utilising an IQSP482 or IQSP582 require two.


If an SDS232 is used in place of a sensor interface board, a standard 48 cm length cable is available. Other cable lengths for the SDS232 can be special ordered.


 Vertilon SBC tx

PDF icon

SBC030 Interface board cable, 30cm, panel mount

SBC060 Interface board cable, 60cm, panel mount

SBC090 Interface board cable, 90cm, panel mount

SBCxxx Custom interface board cable, panel mount

PDF icon

SBC030P Interface board cable, 30cm, PCB mount (OEM)

SBC060P Interface board cable, 60cm, PCB mount (OEM)

SBC090P Interface board cable, 90cm, PCB mount (OEM)

SBCxxxP Custom interface board cable, PCB mount (OEM)

PDF icon

SDC048 SDS232 interface cable, 48cm, panel mount

SDCxxx SDS232 Custom interface cable, panel mount,


High Voltage Power Supply

The HVPS series of high voltage power supplies is an upgrade option for all PhotoniQ multichannel data acquisition systems.


Fully controllable through the PhotoniQ graphical user interface and USB drivers, the HVPS option is available in -1000V versions (HVPS001, HVPS001M); -1500V versions (HVPS002, HVPS002M) and -100V versions (HVPS701, HVPS701M). They are therefore suitable for biasing PMTs, SiPMs and APD arrays without the need for additional external equipment. All come equipped with a 90cm cable for connection to any one of Vertilon’s sensor interface boards.


The “non M” versions of the product include an industry standard SHV plug on one end of the cable for direct connection to the front panel of the PhotoniQ. Connection to the sensor interface board is made using a specialised proprietary low-profile connector on the other end.


The “M” versions of the product are for OEM applications and are identical except that the SHV plug is replaced with a second proprietary connector for direct connection to the PhotoniQ printed circuit board.


All 64 channel versions of the PhotoniQ can be upgraded with up to two high voltage power supplies.



PDF icon HVPS high voltage power supply option for PhotoniQ


High Voltage Cables

Each high voltage module installed in a PhotoniQ requires a high voltage cable to connect the HV output on the PhotoniQ front panel to the HV input on the sensor interface board. Connection to the PhotoniQ is made using an industry standard SHV high voltage plug.


For OEM applications the "P" version of the cable can be ordered. This uses a specialised low-profile connector to make a direct connection to the PhotoniQ printed circuit board.


For all versions, the SIB's high voltage connection is made with the same specialised connector.


Each high voltage module ordered includes one 90 cm high voltage cable. Extra high voltage cables are available in three standard lengths and in custom lengths up to 180 cm.


Vertilon's SIB1632 16- to 32-channel merge cable can also be used to connect two interface boards to a single HV module.


Vertilon HV PDF icon

HVC030 High voltage PMT cable, 30cm, panel mount

HVC060 High voltage PMT cable, 60cm, panel mount

HVC090 High voltage PMT cable, 90cm, panel mount

HVCxxx Custom high voltage PMT cable, panel mount

PDF icon

HVC030P OEM high voltage PMT cable, 30cm, PCB mount

HVC060P OEM high voltage PMT cable, 60cm, PCB mount

HVC090P OEM high voltage PMT cable, 90cm, PCB mount

HVCxxxP Custom OEM high voltage PMT cable, PCB mount

PDF icon

SIB1632 Dual 16 Channel to 32 Channel Cable Merge


Accessory Cables

These high quality accessory cables are used to connect trigger and preamp output signals from Vertilon sensor interface boards to a PhotoniQ data acquisition system or other laboratory instrument. The cables are also compatible with the SDS232 distribution system for single element sensors.


Vertilon SMB tx



SMB120 Coaxial cable, SMB plug to BNC plug - 120cm

SMB120X8 Coaxial cable, SMB plug to BNC plug - 120cm, pack of 8



16- to 32-channel Interconnect  Cable

The SIB1632 is a simple accessory that combines the signals from two Vertilon 16 channel Sensor Interface Boards (SIB) onto a single 32 channel output SIB connector.


The connector conforms to Vertilon’s standard, low-noise, multi-channel, cable interconnection system. It mates to a micro-coaxial cable assembly that connects 32 PMT outputs to a PhotoniQ multichannel data acquisition system. 


Vertilon SIB1632 tx PDF icon

SIB1632 Dual 16 Channel to 32 Channel Cable Merge